I'm Julia, a photographer with 15 years of expertise in the captivating world of visual artistry. Throughout my journey, I have honed my skills in various photography formats, exploring the magic of both digital and film mediums. However, my artistic passion finds its true expression in the enchanting realm of flower portraiture, where I specialise in capturing the delicate beauty of fresh cut blooms.
In my quest to unveil the hidden treasures of the botanical world, I am often found immersed in the gentle dance of natural light. With every shot, I seek to illuminate the delicate nuances and subtle textures of flowers, creating compositions that transport viewers to a realm of serenity and wonder. 
With an innate command of natural light and an acute eye for detail, I strive to craft images that transcend conventional flower photography, offering a unique and evocative dimension to my work.
Welcome to my online gallery, where I invite you to immerse yourself in the tender embrace of nature's masterpieces. Each photograph is a testament to my reverence for the ephemeral beauty that surrounds us, and I am humbled to share these visions with you.

Please get in touch via the form below or my email: hello@juliazolotova.com
Thank you!
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